We invite you to become a volunteer.

Inour Diocesewe startpreparations forWorld Youth Day.Preparations forthis eventrequirea lot of workfor young people,so we inviteeveryone toget involved increatingvoluntary service at theDiocesan Office ofWorld Youth Day.To join the voluntary service you must be at least 16 years old and submit the application form addressed: Diecezjalne Centrum Światowych Dni Młodzieży Diecezji Zamojsko-Lubaczowskiej ul. Hetmana Jana Zamoyskiego 1, 22-400 Zamość. You can download an application form from: http://www.sdm.zamojskolubaczowska.pl/
or: http://www.wdo.zamojskolubaczowska.pl/. Applications are accepted until the end of September 2014. Details of the new voluntary service can be found on the above mentioned web pages.

Appointment of the Diocesan Centre for World Youth Day

The decree of appointing the Diocesan centre of World Youth Day in 2016 in the Diocese of Zamość and Lubaczów.

Taking into account the special pastoral and organizational challenges connected with the momentous event of World Youth Day, which of the will of Pope Francis is to be held in Krakow in 2016 and will involve all the clergy and the laity in Poland, I hereby appoint the Diocesan Centre of World Youth Day in 2016 in the Diocose of Zamość-Lubaczów with the following management:

The board of management:
Director: dr father S. Zwolak
Deputy Director: dr father Robert Strus
Members: father Tomasz Bazan,
Father Jarosław Kędra
Promotion office: dr father Sylwester Zwolak
Formation office: dr father Robert Strus
Voluntary service office: father Tomasz Bazan
Logistics office: father Jarosław Kędra